The Wonders Of Life Pdf

The Wonders Of Life Pdf

The Wonders Of Life Pdf

The Wonders Of Life Pdf

About the Book:

The Wonders Of Life Book

Author:                        Ernst Haeckel

Publisher:                    Harper & Brothers

Publish date:               January 1, 1905

ASIN:                            B00A3JOPD6

Pages:                          608 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Nature


This historic book may have several literals and text slips. Study of tocogony, or parental generation. The different forms of tocogony, or the reproduction of living things, are normally divided into 2 large groups; on the one hand there is the simple form of somatic generation (monogony), and on the other the multifaceted form of sexual generation (amphigony). In somatic generation the action of one individual only is required, which provides a product of transgressive (redundant) development which matures into a new organism. In sexual generation it is essential for 2 different individuals to bond in order to produce a new being from themselves. This amphigony (or generatio digenea) is the only form of reproduction in man and most of the higher animals. But in several of the lower animals and most of the plants we discover also somatic growth, or monogony, by cleavage or maturing. In the lowest organisms, the monera and several of the protists, fungi, etc., the latter is the only form of proliferation. Sternly speaking, monogony is a widespread life-process; even the normal cell-cleavage, on which rest on the growth of the histona, is a cellular monogony. Hence historic biology must say that monogony is the older and more primeval form of parental generation, and that amphigony was later developed from it. It is essential to highlight this because, not only some of the older authors, but even some new ones, look sexual generation as a universal function of organisms, and state that it ages from the very beginning of organic life. The multifaceted and often very complex phenomena of sexual generation, as we find them in the higher organisms, become understandable to us when we associate them with the simpler forms of somatic generation at the lowest phases of life. Overall, it’s a great book. Highly Recommended.

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