The Young Elites Pdf

The Young Elites Pdf

The Young Elites Pdf

The Young Elites Pdf

About the book:

The Young Elites book

Author:                     Marie Lu

Publisher:                   Putnam Juvenile

Publish date:               October 7, 2014

ISBN-10:                      0399167838

ISBN-13:                     9780399167836

Pages:                          368 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Children Books


There was the idea and daring, but in the end, I found this book as boring as “Legend”, she also wrote. Clearly a talented problem.

Adelina, a beauty almost flawless (one missing eye) is ostracized by society (environmental Venetian style of the fifteenth century). She kept the visible stigma that has been affected by the large outbreak. Those who escaped, but with stigma (his gray hair and his eye missing in his case) are regarded at best as evil birds at worst as agents of the devil. His father, penniless merchant (who wants to trade with the father of a girl like that?), Eventually selling it for it to become the mistress of a rich man. She fled into the night, his father and continues the panicked it relies on something that will kill his father. She will be caught by the Inquisition, burning at the stake, but saved in extremism by “Young Elites”, other young people with the stigma of Epidemic and had more developed extraordinary psychic powers. It will then have to choose sides: with or against them?

This is not the struggle of a small group of young people wanting good, against the wicked in power. It is the struggle of a small group of young people using their powers to kill torturing (burning from inside their prey, for example), so that their leader to resume the power he was deposed. And who does not hesitate to get rid of some of the group if necessary.

And that’s not the story of a girl who will save the world by acts of bravery and kindness. This is the story of a girl who stress its darkest emotions (fear, anger) will expand its powers in betraying the left and right, in order to save his sister (laudable goal, but could have been achieved otherwise). We understand at the end of the novel we did attended the development of a be particularly harmful.

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