We Need To Talk About Kevin Pdf

We Need To Talk About Kevin Pdf

We Need To Talk About Kevin Pdf

We Need To Talk About Kevin Pdf

About the book:

We Need To Talk About Kevin book

Author:                        Lionel Shriver

Publisher:                    Serpent’s Tail

Publish date:               29 April 2010

ISBN-10:                      1846687349

ISBN-13:                      9781846687341

Pages:                          496 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction


if you have the courage. This book is a violent slap, a brutal punch. Truths not easy to swallow.
Because about this intelligent woman struck by each and without illusion (who so wanted to do well, gave up his life, his business, his success, to get into the mold and die of guilt), although consistency and bitter lucidity are not always easy to accept.
Its slow imprisonment, yet consented to a life she does not like, prefigures that of his son and ends with a terrible tragedy they are the two main protagonists.
Criticism of stupid conformism role imposed on women, the so-called “maternal instinct” vacuum of human life, too heavy to bear projection of parents on their offspring.
The worst is probably the portrait of this stupid father and satisfied with himself, blinded by social dictates, his illusions, unable to admit sociopath son.
He therefore ordered his wife, daughter, son, and of course the victims of that this avoidable tragedy (?). The book is essential from the film (played well but of course incomplete).
Text neat, punchy without being sensationalist, never needlessly provocative, just a bitter fact of stupidity and human pretension of his blindness. A beauty.
I had the impression of reading a Greek tragedy. Nothing easy, no compromise, pure lucidity, hard, terribly fair and acute … What a talent!

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